Friday, June 6, 2008

Steelhead and Chickens

Yes...that's me in duckie slippers and PJs with lingerie pics all over them dancing at the pajama party-themed Friday night dance in Steelhead.

Here's some good news! At Tuesday's meeting Mrs. Peterman (Nabila Nadir) told us about a friend's little girl whose video about a book on raising chickens was in a contest on Scholastic. Steelheaders love chickens and "chickening"--ask Doc Mason about when he goes afk--and her video was totally cute. So it was fitting that Steelhead, Caledon and others rallied together to vote for her and our votes helped her pulled ahead and win. Definitely visit Mrs Peterman's blog HERE for more info and a link to the winning video! You can also read her thank you letter to all of us!

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