Monday, October 7, 2013

Elle in InWorldz: First Day!

I thought I would finally check out InWorldz. Not only was I pleasantly surprised, but found myself wondering "Why aren't more people using this grid?" It felt stable, looked good, and felt like SL to me. The starter avatars were not bad at all. The one I chose wasn't too far off from my normal one anyway. Normally I take a welcome center pic, but forgot. When I arrived, I felt lucky that I was already grid-familiar, so I didn't need help with the UI or what to do. If I was brand-new, I think I would've been very confused. A mentor was there, but I wasn't sure if there was a person behind the avatar or not. They didn't interact with me beyond a greeting. So I hopped off the island ASAP and tried to get my looks more together. A lot of familiar creators are already there, so it wasn't too hard... 

It was actually in InWorldz that I recognized the "gypsy" persona fit me best. They actually have an active gypsy community in there that goes from sim to sim. InWorldz has a lot of potential for those who want to move/have an alternative to SL. Some aspects of it are rough in places and reminds me of SL back in the day in a good way, but trust's not bad at all. 

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