Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elle's First Year: Reflecting Back

On the eve of my first Rez Day, I thought I'd think back on sticking out a year in SL and what it has been like:1. I love Torley Linden and his optimism. He once said SL should be a "complement" to your real life. If you come here thinking it's all about sex or making money, hey--maybe that's your "thing", but there is so much more. Chances to learn, make friends from around the world, try new things, be creative, explore and visit interesting places...Like RL, SL is what you make of it.

2. Lag and bork happens. Sure, some of the tech-y things could be better, but hey, as long as the grid doesn't implode, I'm going to continue to have fun. I mean really, where else can I be a flying ferret or purple hottie?

3. Drama sucks and we all get it, even in here. I'm in here to enjoy myself. Keep your drama and mess away from me. RL is drama enough. I don't need it inworld.

4. Yeah, some noobs are idiots, but there was a point when you were just a dumbass noob too. I am grateful to the older residents who helped me learn basic things. Take pity on 'em, especially when they are not jerks. Besides, you never know who you are meeting!

5. It may be a virtual world, but the folks behind the AV aren't. You can hurt people's feelings and who needs that crap, really?

6. Relationships happen. You fall in like or lust or love, and you can fall out. Like in RL, all you can hope is that too much damage wasn't done and move on. Be clear w/the other person from the get-go about things as it is harder to read folks inworld. Enjoy the moments and experiences you have with them for what they are.

7. "'re just an avatar" a friend once told me, but once you've been in here long enough, your AV becomes like an extension of yourself. But you know, I "get" it. Enjoy yourself. Don't worry and have a good time.

See you inworld!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Elle's First Year: My SL Cast of Characters

Everyone has a cast of characters in their SL in a way. I'm just happy to have the following close friends in mine...

Met this sweet, kind Brit my first week in SL and I don't know how the hell he has put up with me for this long...
Flirty naughty swooning fashion-loving goodness all rolled up into a way-too-much-fun package...
His wonderfully sarcastic humor, immense creative talent and genuine "goodness" is what makes him special to me...Dia:
I could've put up a pic of her as the hardass warrior chick shoot-'em-up rocker that I know and luv, but I thought I'd show her in a moment of quiet instead...Puck:
Hedonistic, gothy, wry, crazy, subversive, and loyal father of my 3 SL kids (Puck Jr, Patti, & Adrian, lol--long story) who gets me into as much "mess" as I do him...Phin:
See that look on his face? I probably just said something crazy! Phin is my balance and my calm and I love him for it...Well, that and the fact that he is really, really hot...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elle's First Year: A Place Called Home

When I first started SL, I almost scoffed at the idea of owning home. It all seemed so ridiculous to me then, especially since I was an explorer--never in one place at one time. But after a while, having a quiet place to chill, have friends over and work on things started sounding appealing, so in March '07, I rented a little 512 on an island called Digital Nirvana. It was for me. On a corner at the water, gorgeous sunsets, water to swim and dive into, a hot neighbor...I was happy there...Then in April '07, Thom decided he wanted a void sim and offered me his tropical island land for the princely sum of 1L each. He originally named the parcels Sea Point View and the Moorings. While I kept "The Moorings" as the name of the gardens, I changed the other to "Vista del Mar" and that has been my principal home in SL ever since. It is also my first major build in SL, and I love it. I am familiar with every inch and love its privacy and beauty...In Caledon, while I own land for my shops, I only maintain apartments above my Regency shop, where I work on clothing, chat, maintain my servers. I think it's beautiful...
And then, there is Laval Point in Steelhead Harborside...*sighs dreamily* I love nice to have a place called home...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Elle's First Year: All My Skins...and More

Well, now that you all know exactly what I looked like my first day in, I'll show you all the skins I have ever worn...Yup...only five. Thank God for virtual wax jobs! The Celestial Studios Passport skin on the far left was a freebie that I wore almost from my very first week. The next, the excellent CS Vogue w/freckles is my constant. I've been wearing that skin since it was gifted to me back in last February by a handsome guy. If it ain't broke, as they say! In the center is my "oo-la-la" Naughty Designs Zoe and then I wear two beautiful, luminous fantasy skins by RealSkin in Twilight Drow (my RL husband's fave) and Night Elf... I have always loved wearing different AVs...and furry ones are no different to me. The Lost Furest black wolf was my first one, but I also love their Moufette skunk and Kani rabbit. I also could not resist Extrovirtual's snow phoenix on the far left. I adore that AV! No matter what form I take I still feel like "the hotness"...caliente, y'all!
This one's for you LordAlbert! I spend a LOT of time as a Wynx tiny, so I couldn't miss out on the skimpy photo shoot fun as a tiny too! Here I am as a bunneh, black wolf, calico kitty and ferret!
You see, I LOVE being different in SL. That's what is wonderful about it! And the thing to remember is that I am still ME. Form might be different, but you're still talking to the same Elle...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Elle's First Year: SL Day 1

For the rest of this week elinsl will be about my year in here in retrospect. I'll be a year the hell did that happen? Enjoy...

I actually have a photo of myself from my very first day in SL *gasps*:I was a cybergoth...innocent, gaudily blue haired and red/black attired and noobtastic. Everything was confusing and exciting all at the same time. Flying was mysterious, bling (something I was never into maybe because it was called bling?) was intriguing, and folks dancing in sync? Baffling. And how in the hell did people say stuff like "Eladrienne Laval raises an eyebrow at your outfit"? Back then it was like wtf and I was overwhelmed by it all and found this quiet peaceful place where meditating was the very first poseball I ever used...

I looked around and realized no one was a Cybergoth and changed to a more "normal" AV almost right away. Why? I figured, I didn't know the culture and felt that blending in at first was probably easier to avoid griefing and stuff as a noob. It's so funny to me since I look like just about whatever I damned well feel like now. I found myself wandering the quiet creative places of SL as a clueless redhead mostly. I thought, in my obliviousness, that I was cute...and to some extent, I was, dammit! *laughs* My oldest friend in here still remembers me as "wide-eyed, laughing, with great legs". I took as many classes as I could...building, basic SL intro, even a business promo class. I love you guys at NCI! *kisses* A year later, all those things I learned then have helped me now and I still learn and explore in SL. Try to be kind to the (non-jerk-y) noobs...I know how much I still appreciate all of the older players who took the time to try to school l'il ol' noobie me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ZeroG SkyDancers

I have covered the work of DanCoyote Antonelli before, so when my friend Zen (who is stage manager) scored me a ticket to his ZeroG Skydancers performance I was so excited!You are surrounded by and immersed in the set as the perfectly choreographed dancers swirl around you in shimmering fluttering costumes...
My photos just can not convey how stunning this was...
Afterwards, the dancers and coordinators came out for their bows. That is DanCoyote in the front with the spiked hair, Zen is to his right. Musician ZeroOne Paz, who created the score, is in the back center in black...
Many many many hours of very hard work went into the show's creation and they playfully collapsed at the the end. Folks always want to talk about the negative things within SL, when there are folks out there creating beautiful things for SL residents like this! If you have a chance to attend one of these performances, do not hesitate as you will NOT regret it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elder Gods in October Country

My friend Kheph invited me to the October Country sim to see some Lovecraftian Elder God monsters he created. Here's a view of the sim from its fantastic lighthouse build...Kheph in the Martian AV he created...
Here I am at the lighthouse bridge in an as yet-to-be released Skye Qi mourning dress with a great veil!
Talking to Kheph...
Before being eaten by Dagon! Yay! I did it 3 times!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Archery and Alchera

I had wrapped up all of the fashion shows that my pieces were in this weekend and after a bit of archery, sat on the grass in my Mayfair backyard with Puck...My friend Stargazer invited me to join him in the sim of Alchera, a medieval fantasy RP sim for furries with a Far Eastern feel to it. He is a bard, and played his lute for me...
He then took me on a tour of the lovely sim...
Which included this kitsune shrine. I told him that I would imagine that this would be one of his favorite places there...
Afterwards I was in a better mood and twirled around in my apartment in Regency...

Taupo Fashion Show

I had my womenswear from E.Laval in a fashion show in Taupo this weekend. I am sitting there waiting for one of my models to come out...Here is a video:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Brush With the La-AW...

Here is the handsome werewolfie Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega of Steelhead (full name: Demetrius Ezekiel Fuzzball Ortegavich), stopping by the Loft pub. He was checking to make sure that I was being "good" (heh...good luck with that) and staying within the conditions of my probation. Hmph.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Home in Harborside!

This is Laval Point, my brand new home in Steelhead Harborside...I love it and had a great time building it. It is based upon the Yaquina Bay lighthouse in Newport, Oregon. It has dancing on the roof and lantern room platform and a steam-powered elevator in the main tower, which is all glass inside to enjoy the view!

Friday, January 11, 2008

WTF LL for the Day: 1/11/08

I am doing a ground sit and it looks like I'm wearing a burqa...lovely!And to add insult to injury, a ruthed tiny is a disturbing thing...very disturbing...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hanging Out at Vista

My friend, inventor Kheph Enoch, came to visit me at Vista del Mar. I love that my normally green grass has turned into a lovely shade of skin. Ew. Here he is trying out the artwork...Newbe made me a lovely bottle of Vista del Mar winery rioja, which I was sipping on as we got comfortable on barrels and chatted...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tiny Bunny Terror

Um, yeah...spiked lemonade, catfighting in the pub, a tiny bunny on the run, and Sheriff Ortega teaching me a lesson.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tiny Elle at Vista

My good friend LordAlbert stopped through to visit me at Vista and see my Caledon Gun Bunnies uniform. I love his powdered wig and I think he looks so sophisticated in my tinies version of the men's outfits. You can see a model of one of my new builds in the background...I bought a tiny hole and put it in my yard! You click on it and hop in, disappearing for a moment underground before you pop up! FUN!
I took this photo at my friend Dia's Loft...I love wire-frame images...