Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elle's First Year: Reflecting Back

On the eve of my first Rez Day, I thought I'd think back on sticking out a year in SL and what it has been like:1. I love Torley Linden and his optimism. He once said SL should be a "complement" to your real life. If you come here thinking it's all about sex or making money, hey--maybe that's your "thing", but there is so much more. Chances to learn, make friends from around the world, try new things, be creative, explore and visit interesting places...Like RL, SL is what you make of it.

2. Lag and bork happens. Sure, some of the tech-y things could be better, but hey, as long as the grid doesn't implode, I'm going to continue to have fun. I mean really, where else can I be a flying ferret or purple hottie?

3. Drama sucks and we all get it, even in here. I'm in here to enjoy myself. Keep your drama and mess away from me. RL is drama enough. I don't need it inworld.

4. Yeah, some noobs are idiots, but there was a point when you were just a dumbass noob too. I am grateful to the older residents who helped me learn basic things. Take pity on 'em, especially when they are not jerks. Besides, you never know who you are meeting!

5. It may be a virtual world, but the folks behind the AV aren't. You can hurt people's feelings and who needs that crap, really?

6. Relationships happen. You fall in like or lust or love, and you can fall out. Like in RL, all you can hope is that too much damage wasn't done and move on. Be clear w/the other person from the get-go about things as it is harder to read folks inworld. Enjoy the moments and experiences you have with them for what they are.

7. "'re just an avatar" a friend once told me, but once you've been in here long enough, your AV becomes like an extension of yourself. But you know, I "get" it. Enjoy yourself. Don't worry and have a good time.

See you inworld!

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