Monday, March 30, 2015

On Being A Tiny in SL

Here I am all dressed up for Raglan's Hanami Festival that was held all this month. Cherry blossoms everywhere! The Commons was transformed. So pretty!

Recently Lunar told me "You are so content as a tiny." I was like "How could I not be?"

I have been a tiny in SL since 2007. I spend just as much time in tiny form as I do humanoid. One of the reasons is the tiny community itself. Raglan is not only one of the happiest places in SL, but consists of one of its strongest, most creative communities. It might be filled with small critters, but we get things DONE. It is strong. It is vibrant. It is successful. It is fun. And it is filled with active citizens. I am proud to consider myself one of them.

All of any size (or species) are welcome to join the fun, but Raglan definitely protects its creatives and the interests of the sims itself. Tinycentric, you might say, but it works. It is a community that supports itself and its citizens. At a time when I am seeing so many communities closing and dwindling, Raglan continues to engage and be engaging.

I love you Raglan Shire and I love being a tiny. Wafflelujah!