Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Travel!

Hopping "across the pond" to visit Paris again. Essentially, taking up my own challenge to return there again and give it another try after swearing I wouldn't after the last time (long story). I'll also be spending time in London--which I love--and will be visiting friends, who will take us on a side trip to Glastonbury. Looking forward to it. At least now that I've been to those cities before, I won't have to do the truly tourist-y things. I see more chill-time, cafes, and people watching in my future.

See you in 9 days! Keep the Grid warm for me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yard Critters

Yes...I am one of them...

I now have another bunny--named Hunneh--hopping around like crazy in my front yard in Harborside to keep Sunneh (on the left) company. It is actually a lot of fun to watch them. They were hopping all over Lunar when he stopped by for a visit. I tried to tell him they are vegetarians, but he is convinced that they were trying to eat him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steelhead Museum of Historic Preservation Open!

I've been hard at work for the past month making the Steelhead Museum of Historic Preservation, which is located in Steelhead Harborside. It is in a re-creation I built inspired by the real-life 1897 Antelope Community Church located in Antelope, OR. Its exhibit--showing Steelhead's virtual builds and their real-life counterparts--also includes preservation information and links to national and Pacific Northwest historic preservation websites so that visitors may find out more information...Steelhead is a town with beautiful architecture. As you stroll through it, you will come across many buildings that are inspired by real life structures. Look for the site markers that allow you to click on them to find out more about its RL inspiration...SL is a fantastic medium for builders and architects, enabling them to use it to re-create historic buildings and structures. In turn, this allows citizens from around the world to visit and appreciate them as well. I created this museum so that others can learn more about these historic structures and perhaps become inspired to look at, or even help to preserve or save, the ones in their RL communities. To visit the Museum, click HERE...

Relay for Life: Final Recap

37 sims...Almost 2000 participants...
and 130 teams supported by friends, community, team leaders and captains and RFL organizers such as Event Chair Fayandria Foley...Raised $62,114,357L, which is $270,388 USD for the American Cancer Society as of today! For more information about the SL Relay for Life, click HERE.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SL Relay for Life: Day 2

When I woke up this afternoon, I realized I had slept through my alarm and missed most of the laps for today. I came inworld in time to cheer on folks going by and get ready for the team lap...Genie finally made it around after her epic all night lap running. She laid down in a heap at my feet as Lunar and Elegia Underwood look on. She ended up being 8th out of the 15 folks who ran the most laps. ..
Last night, I lit luminarias by pretty flowers that blossomed and changed color as you went by. One of them was for my husband's Aunt Rose, whom I liked very much. I showed my cousin (her son) the luminaria. He was quiet for a moment before he hugged me, saying "Thank you so much for that! That is really great."When all was quiet Lunar and I chatted a bit with Caladon Rae, a Steelhead citizen who is a survivor and had her first chemo last week. I told her that my mom is a patient navigator now who helps other cancer patients not have to be alone in this. I also told her my mom said to try to stay strong and positive and know that folks in her RL and well as her virtual one care about her and are rooting for her...
After all is said and done, whether survivor or don't have to feel alone in this...
Thank you all for your support, help, and/or relaying. My mother wanted me to tell you all "Thank you so much for what you are doing. That is fantastic!"

SL Relay for Life: Overnight

There was a special luminaria ceremony around midnight my time. We quietly sat at the campsite as the sims were all darkened as dedications were read for survivors and those lost over the main radio...
I don't know. Towards the end of it, something in me triggered...snapped a bit. I have been truly thankful for my mother's recovery and remission of almost 2 years now, but this knot of pain surfaced and all I wanted to do was run. Me, who in RL believes that I'm running only for if I am being chased, needed to. I needed to run. I got out on that track and didn't stop again for another 7 hours. I even changed my look such as being fae for a while after the magickal beings lap.. Lunar joined me at one point towards the end and we did the last few laps that that we could that evening together, as birds (he's the peacock, I'm the eagle)...And even snow leopards. By then I was so half-crazy with sleep that I imagined chasing people (like Wrath Constantine, who is the bunny up ahead) to keep me going...We finished out finally around 7 am my time (4 am SLT) back at the Steelhead campsite where Fuzz, in his Fuzzwolf form, was there to greet us. Caledon's Vicereine, and builder of the stunning RFL Metropolis sim, also joined us as all tired kitties laid down on the track in front...
The pedometer's not my final lap meters as I had to restart it a few times due to crashing. It wasn't about competition of any sort or anything, but supporting those who need it. For what it is all worth, I am glad that I did this. I just felt like I needed to run. This was for my Mom and Robert, and in the memory of Rose and for Uncle Jack. I love you all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

SL Relay for Life: Day 1, Part 1

The Relay was finally here. I had preregistered for the first lap--the Survivors and Caregivers one--a while ago. I didn't want to walk alone or without someone I knew, so Kara Timtam walked along with me until we got separated due to lag...Next try I was able to walk with Tensai, Fuzz and Lunar. I love the Walk and Talk system as it's nice to have friends with you as you go around...
A Stay Puft man thought he'd walk too. There are times that I truly love SL...There were many themed laps. I put on my Steelhead headwrap for the "bald is beautiful" one...This time Tensai thought she'd do walking handstands around...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Ready to Relay

Well, the actual RFL Relay is finally here. Yes, I know that I have fussed about the long relay season before, but as I said in that previous post, I would still participate and I have. To Steelhead's credit, they were pretty low-key about their activities and still managed to raise over 189K lindens as of tonight, which isn't too shabby for a small team such as ours. It was a community effort and I hope folks will come visit our beautiful site at the RFL Wellness sim...Lunar created a beautiful Pacific Northwest forest sim, with re-creations of Oregon's Vista House, a lake for swimming and 7Seas fishing, and lots of trails to explore. I personally plan on spending some quality time in the lake as a mer. See you at the Relay tomorrow!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fix the Moon PLEASE

Lunar's being human seems to come with a elven to human age regression it seems. What human age could that be? Let's just say that I was wondering why I was overprim and I came inworld to this:My cry of "LUUUUNAAAAR!!!!" could probably be heard all over the sim--if everyone wasn't fleeing from the rolling restarts going on throughout the Grid:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunar's "Experiment"

Lunar thought he would try being a human, which means no ears or moon marking, average height, and *gasp* dark hair. "Uncomfortable" is how he described it. I'm a shapeshifter, so I constantly change and it's no big deal for me. I believe he is trying to prove a point of sorts. For him, it is a bit radical to look as he does.

No wonder he has that look on his face...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Twisted Tiny Ollipog Avatars of Eclectric Breitman

I am very good friends with Eclectric Breitman, who is a firefly. No really! Glowing behind and all! He makes fantastic tiny avatars called "Ollipogs" via his main shop the Bughouse, located in Caledon Morgaine...I'm lucky that I get to have one whenever he makes a new one, but you really need to see these for yourself as they really are wonderful! He has almost 30 of them and is prolific as he keeps cranking out more as his imagination can think of them! I spend a lot of time as a tiny, so I have found that these Ollipog avatars are compatible with most tiny furniture and items, except for clothing. This one is called "Wabi Sabi", a steampunk-y metal Japanese doll...
I love the music box cylinder on her back!
This is Mandrake...Hee...
And my fave..."Fly J'Accuzi". I laugh every time I wear this...way too much fun. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New E.Laval Release: Seaside Summer Dress

Inspired by a favorite painting by Tissot, the Seaside is a beautiful flirty summer dress perfect for soirees or leisurely strolls. A slim silhouette, it comes with a sheer jacket with lace cuffs and sculpted bows, as well as a fluttery train and cascades of ruffles that flatter your every move.

It is available in Sky, Rose, Aubergine and Canary, as well as all four colors at E.Laval shops in Caledon Regency and Steelhead City.
Here is the painting that inspired it--"The Gallery of the HMS Calcutta"...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day folks!

I personally plan on eating all of the hot dogs and cheeseburgers that I can handle...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sea Islands Paintings Exhibit

I attended a really lovely exhibit of paintings by Indea Vaher at the Bluffs Nature Preserve Center for the Arts. She was inspired by Gullah culture and the Sea Islands along coastal South Carolina and Georgia--an area I'm familiar with and love...
I quilt in RL, so I came away with the painting behind her entitled "Puppy in the Wash." To visit for yourself, click HERE.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SL Gave Me the Right Answer!

Don't mind my crazy "I've been possessed" eyes. I'm using the Gemini viewer and that's just a glitch.

Well, in RL I found out that I passed the Foreign Service Officer Test today. I can honestly say that one question I definitely got correct due to SL!! I was able to choose the right answer because I had visited the representation of the location inworld!


I keep telling folks that SL is a positive thing if you make it one!