Monday, April 30, 2007

Trivial Obsession

Where can you find me around 6pm SLT on Mondays or Tuesdays? At The Shelter @ Wingo playing the Trivial Obsession game show! I figured, let me put my brains to good use winning prizes from some of the coolest vendors in SL. Open to everyone, the first half consists of buzz-in questions, and the second half is speed typing questions. Also, random contestants are selected so you have a pretty good chance of winning something if you answer the question right. All I'll say is that the answer "Serbia" won me a $250 gift certificate to XSessories jewelers!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vista del Mar

Thanks to the generosity of my friend Thom, who decided to move to his own mini-island, I am now the proud owner of a decent amount of land that he had been leaving idle. I thought I'd try my hand at building, since that's a definite interest of mine. Thom had originally called the land the house is on "Sea Point View," but I renamed it to "Vista del Mar." The original parcel was sloped and a mess, so I had to terraform it--as well as the parcel of land next to it ("The Moorings"). I'd say that I was inspired by the Farnsworth House and the work of Philip Johnson, so it has a very modern International Style design of mostly glass, and it has a large terrace that is cantilevered over the beach I created below it. I furnished it with a lof of souvenirs from my wanderings through SL and I'm pretty proud of my first major build! What you can't see is that it has a green roof. I was reading about RL ones recently and thought "Why not?"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

KODE Art Exhibit

My friend Mr. Otsuzum loves to attend art exhibitions as much as I do, so tonight we headed over to the Still and KODE galleries in the Envy sim. Over champagne (for me) and beer, we had a great time talking to the Still gallery owner and he explained that he changes the interior of the gallery to fit the exhibition. I bought a photo of a lovely chandelier in Germany that reminded me of floating jellyfish. We then wandered down the street to the KODE gallery and ended up talking to one of the artists featured there, Rolfette Blanchere. She took the time to explain the inspiration behind her pieces, which really were interesting and provoking. I bought her "Warsaw at Night" (bottom left corner in top photo) piece after hearing her inspiration. A fantastic Soviet-era building that is slated to be torn down as a symbol of oppression--but is it? I also found it interesting that the same building in also in some of the Baltic states. Her work belies the fact that Blanchere is hesitant about being considered an artist. I think that is one of the fantastic things about SL--that there is a thriving arts community and it is open for artists to try new things--and actually get a genuine response back.

Afterwards, Hy showed me his artwork as I relaxed on a nearby bench...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Caledon Wanderings: Mr. Webb's Bunnies

Greetings! I enjoy visiting Mr. Webb's Workshop. Today I finally got a picture of him in front of the rabbit pen with the bunnies. He did not complain (much) as I took it.

You may choose from 8 colors and they hop wonderfully. I really love my bunny Lag and he is a constant source of amusement. They are for sale and can be found at the workshop!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Here I am with the handsome Zach...who makes me laugh a LOT. He was my neighbor at my old home and we hit it off very well. I'd say it's because we both have a slightly twisted sense of humor! This was his first visit to Vista del Mar. I miss him as he hasn't been in-world as much lately.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Ave SL citizens!

Thought I'd explore the ROMA sim a little more today. I decided to visit the Hippodrome and try my hand at chariot racing. I hopped into a white chariot and I was off! It was a little rough going and I laughed as I bumped my way around the curve and thundered crookedly down the straightaway. I hit that hairpin turn and my lap was up. I am definitely going to do that again!

I headed further up the hill to the Garden of Maecenas and walked through its grounds. I stepped out onto the see-through deck off of the cliff. I could see a ship far below me, its red sail with the gold ROMA wreath insignia. I heard rumors of a path to the underworld and a cave that would lead me to the Sibyl. I found the dark cave and went in, the sign saying that the way in was easy, but finding my way out would be "toil." I tried the tarot deck for my future. Something about a handsome man? Money? Luck? Maybe?

Before leaving, I went to the end of the garden, and found a live volcano! Vulcan must have heard my plea at the altar not to take the whole sim out!

For you fashionistas: Toga & sandals: B Roman; hair: Wilted Rose

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live Music: Jade's Jazz Lounge

I thought I'd check out some more live jazz at Jade's Jazz Lounge. I love the interaction between the musicians and their audiences (RL & SL, sometimes both w/these performances). Everyone was looking great and having a fantastic time dancing and socializing.

The black wolf is playing a mean guitar...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Live Music: Ankari Holder, Jazz @ Galveston Island

I settled into a comfy chair and listened to jazz vocalist Ankari Holder at she sat onstage in Galveston Island at playing a black grand piano. She had a really sweet voice and there was a good crowd.

I've heard that some performing artists like playing Second Life because the audience is relatively attentive. Is this true?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Around the World: Virtual Morocco & Venice

Only in SL can I go to both Virtual Morocco and Venice in a snap (or teleport!)

First I went to Virtual Morocco (where's my fez? I don't have it on?) and checked out the bazaar areas, with spices and rugs, tagines and vases. So wonderfully exotic. Looming over it all is the beautiful Hassan II mosque. I picked up a 3-tiered lamp for myself and a wooden puzzle box for Thom then headed over to Ethereal Teal, home of the Particle Lab.

I wasn't there to check out the Lab. I've been before and it's very cool, but I'll save that for another posting. Teal is beautiful with its different sections. I decided to go to Venice today and check out St. Mark's Square and the canal and bridge. Very pretty. I believe I can take a gondola, but I didn't do it this time. Maybe the next?

Monday, April 16, 2007

This is Sparta!

I got Frank Miller's 300 for a Christmas gift and really enjoyed it, so when the movie came out, I'll admit that I really enjoyed that too.

I decided to stop by the Silverscreen sim today to see the Spartan town set recreation. I found some interesting freebies such as shields and jewelry and other cool things hidden throughout it. Of course, I had to check out the huge well in the middle of town and AAIIIGGH!!--fell in. The bottom was murky and a rat was checking me out. Even creepier was the glowing pair of red eyes in the darkness behind me. Good thing I could teleport out of there!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


An ecosystem unto itself is one way to describe Svarga, with its pollination and plant growing system that takes into account the sun and moving clouds. Spread seeds and birds will eat them. Bees pollinate the flowers that grow from uneaten ones. Fabulous.

Not to mention that it is a gorgeous, gorgeous sim...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

SL Botanical Gardens

Tonight I visited the Botanical Gardens. It is a very pretty sim made by collective designers. You have to check out the waterfalls. I took their suggestion and floated on one of the balls there, turning on mouselook and setting the sun to midnight. It's definitely something to try as those waterfalls as pretty impressive. I also went to its highest point for some advice from Buddha, which was essentially about redirecting anger for good. Definitely a nice place to visit.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lazy Evening

Today was a very special RL day for me. I was standing there looking at the stars from my home and contemplating it.

Do I look a little peeved in the other two photos? Well, yeah, I was all dressed up and couldn't figure out what I wanted to do...Lazing around at the Lost Gardens seemed like the way to go until I could decide. Should I dance? Should I wander the world like Cain from "Kung Fu"--just in a formal gown? And yes, kicking up my heels "seemed" like a plan, especially with so...much...dress...

For you fashionistas: Dress, Tres Beau

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dances With Wolves--SL Style

That's me with Thom, one of my best friends in SL, at his island. He's in England, so with the time difference, we're lucky to cross paths during the week. Yeah, he's a wolf. I didn't realize how much prejudice there seems to be against animal/furry avatars. I've crossed paths with many furry and "other" AVs that are very funny and kind. I just don't get it. Why? He tried to go to a sim he's been going to for quite a while since he started the game and was ejected because he "wasn't wearing clothes." He explained to them that he was a wolf. Like so many animal avatars I've seen, many don't wear clothes. I mean...they're animals...that just sounds silly to me!!

Why was he at the sim? It's one of his favorite places to buy beautiful gifts...for me. Actually, it's the same one I met him at. That sucks that it happened.

I love to dance in SL, so we thought we'd go salsa dancing at one of my favorite places. The dances are well-spaced, so I knew his wings wouldn't be a problem. I've worn wings before and I know what maneuvering a pair of them can be like, lol!

For you fashionistas: rockabilly jeans & top: artilleri, hair: Empyrean Emporium

Monday, April 9, 2007

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

I did end up buying one of Mr. Webb's bunnies and named him "Lag"...

Sunday, April 8, 2007

SL "Embassy of Antigua"

Tonight I went to the a reception for the unofficial Embassy of Antigua. Antigua is a beautiful small island in the Caribbean.

I had a very nice time at the reception. Great conversation and I love a good reason to get dressed up in formal wear.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Eladrienne's SLNN Reporting Life

I meant to tell you all that the dry-run with Second Life News Network (SLNN) went really well and I was assigned the SL finance beat. I went to J-school in real life, so being a reporter in SL isn't far-fetched. My editor, Marvel, assigns me a story or I propose one. I go out and cover, write it up and ta-da! It's a lot of fun and I find it challenging to arrange and conduct all of the interviews and write up a final piece. My job in SL really is as a reporter and I like writing pieces that inform the SL public. Lately, I've been covering the two stock exchanges. I was really tickled when we beat Reuters' SL bureau on my first story, lol.

Well, you can see photos of me at the SLNN offices and chilling at a coffeehouse waiting for an interview to come through.

If you have SL finance stories you'd like to suggest, please feel free to send me an email at or IM me in-world.

For you fashionistas: My suit is by IndustriElle, jewelry is Lassitude & Ennui. I'm interviewing professional businesspersons, so I figured I should dress the part. Who said you can't be professional and look good too?

Friday, April 6, 2007

50s Dance Party

Popped through at a 1950s dance party tonight. I'll admit, I love doing the trivia too, lol.

I'm not trying to hide my face, the camera caught me mid-arm swing, lol!

For you fashionistas: Dress by Tres Beau, hair by ETD

Eilean Donan Castle

Okay, I really like castles in SL too and this one counts as an architecture replica as it is of the Eilean Donan (Donan Island) castle in Scotland. Built in the 6th-7th c. and used in movies such as Highlander and James Bond's The World Is Not Enough, it is still owned and maintained by the MacCrae clan.

You can find out information about the real castle here!

(I'm in my own medieval-style dress.)

Ballroom Dancing at Apollo

I thought I'd finish the night by ballroom dancing at the Lost Gardens of Apollo's Salsa y Boleros with my friend Jomanasa, from Colombia.

I'm wearing an Innovations gown

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

San Miguelito Mexican Village

I visited the Mexican village of San Miguelito. Bought some pottery and enjoyed the murals and colorful festive vibe there.

Diving at Home

I got a diving board for the house. I figured, I have a swimming HUD attachment and my house is right on the water, might as well make good use of it.

I took off the extras from my Tres Beau outfit. It has a cute retro swimsuit look to it.

Bought Art: Down the Rabbit Hole

Arts patron that I am, I popped through the exhibition opening at Enigmatic Artworks. It was a cool crowd, other art patrons and artists, mermaids, catgirls, you know...the usual SL crowd, lol. Great pieces. I couldn't help but notice the stunning collage pieces by SL artist Gracie Kendal. I bought her "Down the Rabbit Hole" as it incorporates a lot of the places I've visited in RL: Las Meninas for Madrid, Paris' Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas, London...I think it's beautiful and it really spoke to me. That's it at the exhibition and hanging in my home. How appropriate given that I have a pet bunny named "Lag". Can you see him in the corner?

Oh! I'm wearing a pants outfit by Tres Beau.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Parioli Rome

Parioli Rome is a charming sim with shops, cafes, and a great information center build. I found myself wandering through again and couldn't resist stopping at the ancient Boca della Verita (Mouth of Truth). You'll find it in the alcove fountain. I remember the scene from one of my favorite movies, Roman Holiday, when Gregory Peck sticks his hand in and pretends to have it bitten off (one of the legends that happens if you lie), a practical joke that makes Audrey Hepburn scream in surprise.

Parioli also has a beautiful build them that for used for an international information forum. It's a gorgeous building and worth checking out for the details alone.