Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bought Art: Down the Rabbit Hole

Arts patron that I am, I popped through the exhibition opening at Enigmatic Artworks. It was a cool crowd, other art patrons and artists, mermaids, catgirls, you know...the usual SL crowd, lol. Great pieces. I couldn't help but notice the stunning collage pieces by SL artist Gracie Kendal. I bought her "Down the Rabbit Hole" as it incorporates a lot of the places I've visited in RL: Las Meninas for Madrid, Paris' Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas, London...I think it's beautiful and it really spoke to me. That's it at the exhibition and hanging in my home. How appropriate given that I have a pet bunny named "Lag". Can you see him in the corner?

Oh! I'm wearing a pants outfit by Tres Beau.

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