Saturday, April 21, 2007


Ave SL citizens!

Thought I'd explore the ROMA sim a little more today. I decided to visit the Hippodrome and try my hand at chariot racing. I hopped into a white chariot and I was off! It was a little rough going and I laughed as I bumped my way around the curve and thundered crookedly down the straightaway. I hit that hairpin turn and my lap was up. I am definitely going to do that again!

I headed further up the hill to the Garden of Maecenas and walked through its grounds. I stepped out onto the see-through deck off of the cliff. I could see a ship far below me, its red sail with the gold ROMA wreath insignia. I heard rumors of a path to the underworld and a cave that would lead me to the Sibyl. I found the dark cave and went in, the sign saying that the way in was easy, but finding my way out would be "toil." I tried the tarot deck for my future. Something about a handsome man? Money? Luck? Maybe?

Before leaving, I went to the end of the garden, and found a live volcano! Vulcan must have heard my plea at the altar not to take the whole sim out!

For you fashionistas: Toga & sandals: B Roman; hair: Wilted Rose

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