Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vista del Mar

Thanks to the generosity of my friend Thom, who decided to move to his own mini-island, I am now the proud owner of a decent amount of land that he had been leaving idle. I thought I'd try my hand at building, since that's a definite interest of mine. Thom had originally called the land the house is on "Sea Point View," but I renamed it to "Vista del Mar." The original parcel was sloped and a mess, so I had to terraform it--as well as the parcel of land next to it ("The Moorings"). I'd say that I was inspired by the Farnsworth House and the work of Philip Johnson, so it has a very modern International Style design of mostly glass, and it has a large terrace that is cantilevered over the beach I created below it. I furnished it with a lof of souvenirs from my wanderings through SL and I'm pretty proud of my first major build! What you can't see is that it has a green roof. I was reading about RL ones recently and thought "Why not?"

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