Tuesday, April 24, 2007

KODE Art Exhibit

My friend Mr. Otsuzum loves to attend art exhibitions as much as I do, so tonight we headed over to the Still and KODE galleries in the Envy sim. Over champagne (for me) and beer, we had a great time talking to the Still gallery owner and he explained that he changes the interior of the gallery to fit the exhibition. I bought a photo of a lovely chandelier in Germany that reminded me of floating jellyfish. We then wandered down the street to the KODE gallery and ended up talking to one of the artists featured there, Rolfette Blanchere. She took the time to explain the inspiration behind her pieces, which really were interesting and provoking. I bought her "Warsaw at Night" (bottom left corner in top photo) piece after hearing her inspiration. A fantastic Soviet-era building that is slated to be torn down as a symbol of oppression--but is it? I also found it interesting that the same building in also in some of the Baltic states. Her work belies the fact that Blanchere is hesitant about being considered an artist. I think that is one of the fantastic things about SL--that there is a thriving arts community and it is open for artists to try new things--and actually get a genuine response back.

Afterwards, Hy showed me his artwork as I relaxed on a nearby bench...

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