Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dances With Wolves--SL Style

That's me with Thom, one of my best friends in SL, at his island. He's in England, so with the time difference, we're lucky to cross paths during the week. Yeah, he's a wolf. I didn't realize how much prejudice there seems to be against animal/furry avatars. I've crossed paths with many furry and "other" AVs that are very funny and kind. I just don't get it. Why? He tried to go to a sim he's been going to for quite a while since he started the game and was ejected because he "wasn't wearing clothes." He explained to them that he was a wolf. Like so many animal avatars I've seen, many don't wear clothes. I mean...they're animals...that just sounds silly to me!!

Why was he at the sim? It's one of his favorite places to buy beautiful gifts...for me. Actually, it's the same one I met him at. That sucks that it happened.

I love to dance in SL, so we thought we'd go salsa dancing at one of my favorite places. The dances are well-spaced, so I knew his wings wouldn't be a problem. I've worn wings before and I know what maneuvering a pair of them can be like, lol!

For you fashionistas: rockabilly jeans & top: artilleri, hair: Empyrean Emporium

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