Sunday, November 30, 2014

Raglan's Got Talent 2014!

Like the Spooktacular and the Medieval Festival, the Raglan Talent Show is one of the yearly highlights of the Raglan Shire events and always has a great turnout!

Caleb donned a tutu and did tricks on a barrel! Don't singe your fur!
 Daisy read us one of her stories...

I laughed so hard from Fullauto's rendition of William Shatner's "Rocket Man". SO FUNNY!
Oh mah Glob...for years DangerCat (Etheria) has thrilled us with her daredevil antics. So much tiny bravery. Her poor assistant Panacea usually has to help her out when things go a little...awry...
 Gracie Saint Possum performed for us...
And then there was the grand finale from Songbird, Flea and Co. You should see a woolly mammoth dance...It was AWESOME.
I love the Raglan Talent Show. Sometimes I see folks that I haven't seen in a long time. TOO much fun!