Monday, November 10, 2008

Exploring Openlife: Freebies to De-Noob Yourself, Kinda

I've been exploring Openlife. Yes, it is rough. Yes, it feels like SL back in the early days. Go in there knowing it isn't SL, and you'll be fine. You will crash, TPs become an "adventure" and there isn't a lot there yet. And it's a bit unusual to not have an economy or AOs. Did I mention it was rough? But here are a few things that'll make your life easier while there. First, appearance. This is a pic of is SL and one is OL. Only change to my SL pic is that I am wearing my original grey eyes and unhinged my ears. I uploaded one of my own designs so I am wearing the same outfit (sans the prim parts I haven't re-created yet) in both pics and my shape measurements are the same (here's a hint...I have more freckles in SL). There are freebies a little creative and you can make a reasonable version of yourself. For those SLers who are nekos or furries or have very different skins and body mods, no, it isn't there yet. If you want freebies, you can go to the following in OL:

Openlife Island & Openlife Island 2
Suspiria's Secret (Wind Blue 173,152,26) (skins, hair, and more)
Julie's Freebies (Tune Valley 132,118,62) (Lots of freebies. Guys, there are skins and suits there)
Lektor's Roadhouse (Moire 229,96,23)
While freebie hopping, I came across Lektor Hannibal, owner of the Moire sim. We talked for a while and I found out he'd been in OL for about 5-6 months now after being in SL since 2004. I mentioned I was visiting from SL and he told me he spent a lot of time in Darkmere. I had a flashback to me and Puck roasting while there. He's enjoying the difference in prim counts and sizing and how it feels like being a pioneer of sorts. I suppose the folks there are in a way, but despite all the naysayer and doombringers, it's something about it. With the announcement of a new non-SL viewer, I still feel like there's some potential there. I'm still in SL 'til it crashes and burns, but it's nice to explore another virtual world...

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