Thursday, November 20, 2008

Death Rays, Tiny Nuns and a New Project

My evening started off in Winterfell Absinthe at the Jager Poetry Slam. Death rays, fire, explosions and nuns with guns are my idea of a good time. Oh yeah...and poetry too!
My evening ended with Lunar showing me the location of an upcoming project I'll be helping him out on. For those of you who don't know, he's a helluva builder, but I'm the one with the helluva knack for textures and texture tweaking...which leads to lots of notecards from him that make me say "You want what?!" (for instance, a sculptie conch shell. Yes, I did create it.) Ooo glad you're my friend! No really, I truly enjoy working on textures though and maybe when things slow down again a bit for me, I might even make a texture pack. I love the creative aspects of this world...

1 comment:

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

yay Thank you! Without my texture muse I am forced to use things everyone else has!

And where's the fun in that!