Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad Terraforming Neighbors, AGAIN?!

At my last land, the original Vista del Mar, this was the godawful view of ugly landmass that I ended up having that made me finally throw in the towel and move. The estate manager had tried to say that they couldn't do anything about it. I had suggested a re-terraform to make it more attractive to buyers. I made my land's terraform nice before I left and when I checked on it, it had sold less than a week later, which proved me right...Like the last time, I am on a private estate island. So when I looked outside my home last night and saw my neighbor erecting this sky- and view-blocking monstrosity as a land wall for a compound I was speechless...I couldn't see the owner's name to contact them and couldn't figure out why the group name it was deeded to sounded so familiar to me--until today. I realized that out of the tens and thousands of residents in SL, I believe I had already dealt with them before--on my old land!!! Only then (see below in the pic w/me and an estate management rep), as my neighbor, they had done the same thing and took some of my land (the green border line) along with them! What are the frickin' ODDS of this? I expect this kind of behavior while on the mainland...not on private islands. I contacted the estate manager, as I know from past experience that a politely worded message doesn't work. If they don't change or go, I will. DAMN.

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