Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss Malaprop & Ennui

I have been reading about the situation regarding Ordinal Malaprop's departure from the Grid with both sadness and interest. Mainly because as of late, I have often felt the same way.

Her concerns about the recent LiLa acquisition of Avatars United aside, I can understand the sense of logging in and feeling as if you are unproductive as a creator. Or unwilling to deal with whatever the latest drama the Grid or its citizens throw your way. I know that for me, logging into SL lately has been bringing more apprehension than enjoyment and I have always said that when it gets that way, why bother?

I used to love being inworld and creating and blogging. I used to love attending social events and exploring the Grid. I've gotten so tired of hearing about other people's dramas as they rant/complain/gripe their way through their time inworld. Why are you even in SL if it all sucks that much for you? That, combined with my own lack of motivation to create, has been a great source of inworld stress for me and you know what? I've been doing other things instead. I'm sure that it'll kick in and I'll be creative again. At least I hope so. Dia and I have talked a lot about "reclaiming one's SL", whether through downsizing, reinvention or taking a break from it (as I have been lately) to make it fun again. We can't be the only ones that have felt this sense of ennui.

As for Dame Ordinal, she's quite the inventor, scripter and personality. I took the pic above when we both got stuck at her shop in Caledon about 2 years ago. I was so excited to meet her for the first time. We had a great conversation and she demonstrated her latest product for me. Her presence--especially in the Steamlands of SL--will be missed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Adventures as an Avatar

When Lunar sends me a message saying "Elle, come join me!" I should know better by now. Two nights ago I ended up roaming around with him looking like a certain blue feline-esque alien species...We were looking for RP sims or forests, whichever we found first. We were surprised at how many others there are out there and it's ripe for RP inworld. While in Chakryn Forest, we found a sleeping odalisque that was a marvel of sculpted prims...
Being silly in the Mexico sims...
Don't go afk around us...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Elle in Aion: Just Another Place to Travel with Friends

These are my best friends in RL that I literally travel the world with. When they asked me to hang out with them in Aion, I saw no reason not to travel that world with them too! It's just another place for us all to explore and have fun in together. My friend in the middle is a much higher level than the two of us and head of our legion. We just all happened to be in the capital city at the same time. They also help to keep me from getting myself killed in there. Who's the one below with her weapon already drawn? Yup...In there, I'm a templar...a "tank", which means that I'm usually the first to go at the enemy and keep them mad at me because I can take a hit. My job is to essentially distract aggressive enemies from the folks who heal us. As I've never played something like this, I've been finding the dynamics of how the different "classes" work and work together to be really interesting.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Balancing Bunny Act

Thanks to the Baron, there's a pic of me out there in the world balancing on a ball during the Christmas party...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elle in Aion: And So It Begins...

What have I been up to? Lots of fun and holiday excitement with my husband and friends. Our friends had recently started playing Aion and knowing I'm a gamer, had encouraged me to join them. I've always called my husband a "backseat gamer" as he has always been the type to enjoy watching and coaching, but not playing himself. To my surprise he decided to play too as he didn't want to feel "left out"...
Now that my new computer came in, it can handle Aion's stunning graphics. Like Blue Mars, it uses a modified version of the CryEngine. I've never played a fantasy, quest-based, levelling-style MMO before and I'll admit that I am really really enjoying it...Aion is the story of two races of people--the Asmodians and the Elyos--who are now enemies after a cataclysmic event that split their world apart. At level 10, you ascend to Daeva status and get your wings and can fly. In the above pics, I am as my Asmodian templar self. Below, my alt Rafetna, who is an Elyos sorcerer... And there really is something to be said about coming into a game like this and your best friends are already there. Even when I cross paths with one of them or my husband, it's always like "HEY!" Forget the fighting, sometimes I find myself just exploring its world because this game is gorgeous...If you ever decide to come in, I am Asmo on the Israphel server and Elyos on Fregion (as you can't play both races on the same server). For those who like RPing, I've heard that Lumiel is the server to choose.