Friday, January 8, 2010

Elle in Aion: Just Another Place to Travel with Friends

These are my best friends in RL that I literally travel the world with. When they asked me to hang out with them in Aion, I saw no reason not to travel that world with them too! It's just another place for us all to explore and have fun in together. My friend in the middle is a much higher level than the two of us and head of our legion. We just all happened to be in the capital city at the same time. They also help to keep me from getting myself killed in there. Who's the one below with her weapon already drawn? Yup...In there, I'm a templar...a "tank", which means that I'm usually the first to go at the enemy and keep them mad at me because I can take a hit. My job is to essentially distract aggressive enemies from the folks who heal us. As I've never played something like this, I've been finding the dynamics of how the different "classes" work and work together to be really interesting.

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