Sunday, July 19, 2009

SL Relay for Life: Day 2

When I woke up this afternoon, I realized I had slept through my alarm and missed most of the laps for today. I came inworld in time to cheer on folks going by and get ready for the team lap...Genie finally made it around after her epic all night lap running. She laid down in a heap at my feet as Lunar and Elegia Underwood look on. She ended up being 8th out of the 15 folks who ran the most laps. ..
Last night, I lit luminarias by pretty flowers that blossomed and changed color as you went by. One of them was for my husband's Aunt Rose, whom I liked very much. I showed my cousin (her son) the luminaria. He was quiet for a moment before he hugged me, saying "Thank you so much for that! That is really great."When all was quiet Lunar and I chatted a bit with Caladon Rae, a Steelhead citizen who is a survivor and had her first chemo last week. I told her that my mom is a patient navigator now who helps other cancer patients not have to be alone in this. I also told her my mom said to try to stay strong and positive and know that folks in her RL and well as her virtual one care about her and are rooting for her...
After all is said and done, whether survivor or don't have to feel alone in this...
Thank you all for your support, help, and/or relaying. My mother wanted me to tell you all "Thank you so much for what you are doing. That is fantastic!"

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