Monday, January 28, 2008

Elle's First Year: All My Skins...and More

Well, now that you all know exactly what I looked like my first day in, I'll show you all the skins I have ever worn...Yup...only five. Thank God for virtual wax jobs! The Celestial Studios Passport skin on the far left was a freebie that I wore almost from my very first week. The next, the excellent CS Vogue w/freckles is my constant. I've been wearing that skin since it was gifted to me back in last February by a handsome guy. If it ain't broke, as they say! In the center is my "oo-la-la" Naughty Designs Zoe and then I wear two beautiful, luminous fantasy skins by RealSkin in Twilight Drow (my RL husband's fave) and Night Elf... I have always loved wearing different AVs...and furry ones are no different to me. The Lost Furest black wolf was my first one, but I also love their Moufette skunk and Kani rabbit. I also could not resist Extrovirtual's snow phoenix on the far left. I adore that AV! No matter what form I take I still feel like "the hotness"...caliente, y'all!
This one's for you LordAlbert! I spend a LOT of time as a Wynx tiny, so I couldn't miss out on the skimpy photo shoot fun as a tiny too! Here I am as a bunneh, black wolf, calico kitty and ferret!
You see, I LOVE being different in SL. That's what is wonderful about it! And the thing to remember is that I am still ME. Form might be different, but you're still talking to the same Elle...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Elle! This is a fantastic post. I just may copy it!

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to help in a small way. You seem Happy. I hope to see you again someday my old friend.