Friday, February 1, 2008

Elle's First Year: I'M FREAKIN' ONE!!!!

I stuck it out through countless LL WTFs and a year later, I'm still here to tell the tale! I'M ONE! Yeeaahhhhh!!! My girls Dia & Eds worked really hard to make a party place that was out of sight! We were all literally dancing in the clouds! Gabi DJ'd and played a playlist straight from my music library that had folks groovin' and going "Oh my GOD!" all night!
I was amazed at my ability to breakdance in stiletto heels! Here I am about to do a flip and handstand with Puck! It was so nice having all of my friends come out and I was getting presents and well-wishes nonstop all day! Thank you all so much! *kisskisskiss*

I did get a LL WTF of the Day though when they decided to go a region restart right towards the end. So what did we do? Popped over to Gabi's castle, tp'd everyone in and kept on going like nothing happened! All of my Steelhead neighbors came in too and 4 hours from its start the party was still going strong!!!But all great things must come to an end, and even His Purpleness, the Artist Formerly Known as Nix Sands (who must've heard about my love of Prince somehow!), had to turn in their dancing shoes! Thank you everyone for making this such a fantastic wonderful Rez Day! I could not have asked for a better one!!!!!!

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