Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All About the Bling Baby

Went over to Dia's for some inventory cleaning. While rooting through it (17281 down to 15848...dumping trash helps!) I thought I'd be funny. I actually had a hard time finding bling in there, but couldn't resist dressing up in a mainland style all too familiar to most of us. Ho-ly crap. It's amazing what a different 'do does. And yes...I can't even see my feet for the blinding sparkle. What makes it even worse? I have no shoes is just foot bling! I'm going to go out in public like this as an experiment one day. Check this blog sometime in the future for it... Gryffin had joined us to quietly work on stuff too and went afk. He came back to this scenario and I think his glee was pretty...joyous. Oh man, you can't even see Dia's face for the damn foot shine! Speaking of feet...when will someone make better looking AV feet already? You can't be the hotness with jacked up feet!

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