Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Vittorio

I had a chance to finally meet Vittorio's RL co-worker and friend Caspian Hawker, who has been keeping me in the loop as to how he has been doing. We have talked so often that when we met, we couldn't believe it was the first time. Like Vittorio, he is a wickedly funny cutie too! Like his blonde twin! I took a pic of me holding up a get well sign for him to see and laugh at.

Caspian told me that Vittorio's doing a LOT better, already sketching out plans for his lands and bored to death in the hospital, where it'll be a few more weeks before he's able to go home. But he is talking and laughing and asking about my house. Caspian passed along some furniture store links from him so I think I'll finally buy some furniture again. I want Vista to feel like my home again...

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