Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Mies! The Tugendhat Villa

As you all know, I am a fan of the work of the architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. I received an invite from builder Rivo Miles to come visit the Tugendhat Villa. Built in 1930 in Brno (in today's Czech Republic), the Villa is considered a masterpiece of modernist/ international architecture and was designated a World Historic Site by UNESCO in 2001. The clean lines, the fantastic use of space, it's all there... You can see the iconic Mies furniture that was in the house such as his Barcelona chair and the cantilevered Brno and Tugendhat chairs. I think Rivo did a lovely job of recreating the house, including its walls of tropical wood and onyx stone (which in RL was translucent and changes color with sun and time of day).

Rivo is looking for a permanent home for the build. Please contact him for more information. You may visit the 1:1 scale inworld version for yourself HERE.

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