Monday, June 16, 2008

New Taloo: Last Dance at Phin's Jazz Club

Due to RL & SL obligations, Phin & I just haven't been spending as much time in New Toulouse as we thought we would, so he and Zoe decided to go ahead and sell the jazz club. Don't worry, I'm still keeping Miss Elle's Lucky #7 Shop & Speakeasy and the Tomb of Catharsis Laval. The club is in a very nice spot, a 1024 just off the hub in Taloo. If you are interested, please contact Zoe Connolly, Phineas Messmer or Carricre Wind...I just happened to log in early and found Phin there packing things up, so we decided to have a last dance there, where we've had many happy ones. We always said the club was a great time, if only for just the two of us. Many thanks to all of you who enjoyed it!
Happy 9 months to you darlin' and on to the next adventure together! Shall we?

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