Monday, June 2, 2008

Baube is Back

"Hey heifer...lmfao" the IM said.

I had to look twice at the name. And then twice again. Baube Laval. Holy crap. My RL little sister was back inworld.

I found her sitting on top of a soda dispenser in her friend's apartment with a large bottle of Jack Daniels, looking noobtastic from head to toe. Her friend arrived from her hostess job and laughed as my sister jumped around like a madwoman on her bed. Baube, despite being a year old, hasn't been on in so long that it was like relearning everything...including the mystery of beds with MLP poseballs. "Ugh! Help me!" she said, and like a dutiful big sis we went out into the world. After she chose new shoes, new skin, new hair, new eyes, an AO and a borrowed miniskirt outfit from me, the makeover was complete. She really does look like she is related to me--as she does more or less in RL. And it's funny. In here she's shorter than I am too. "Yay! Twinz!" she said.

If she decides to stay inworld again, I'm sure she'll tweak her look even more. It'll be interesting. In the meantime...pray for me. I'll need it.

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