Monday, June 9, 2008

Sophrosyne's Salon: Between the Covers w/Tom Buchowski & Hamlet Au

At today's Sophrosyne's Salon in Extropia Core, as promised, both Tom Buchowski (RL: Tom Boellstorff) author of Coming of Age in Second Life, and Hamlet Au (RL: Wagner James Au) of New World Notes and author of The Making of Second Life came to discuss their books and inworld insights...Tom is an anthropologist at UC Irvine and Hamlet is a journalist. Different methodologies, but both have to be observers of their world. To me, they both really touched on two common things about SL...that it is both a culture and a place. SL does have its own culture/s and standards, despite our language, ethnic, national or even species differences. And it is also its own place in a way as well as to come inworld, it is like consciously choosing to go to a destination (despite how hard it can be to do so sometimes!)

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