Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the Gorean World w/Tele

As you all know, my good friend Tele enjoys RPing in Gor. The "camaraderie and sparring" he says. You also know what I think about Gorean culture, so no need to rehash it here. So when Tele offered to give me a tour of Torvic Pass, I thought "Screw it. Why not?" After a boat ride in, we arrived at the forbidding gate and Tele shouted up for it to be opened...One thing I do know though, is that you will find great creators and like Torvaldsland, I thought the village was really pretty...
The Pass needed to be reset so we were at the Inlet for a moment. While there, everyone was very hospitable to me. It was actually a beautiful place. One person's RP may not be another's choice, but that's what makes SL special--being able to have that choice in the first place.

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