Monday, July 14, 2008

So Many Fashion Expos, So Little Time!

Those who really know me, know that when I shop, I shop big, so when I heard about two different fashion expos going on right now, I started twitching I was so excited! I first headed over to the SL Footwear Expo where I drooled over the offerings from Maitreya and Shiny Things and other designers. I picked up a new pair of cute wedges...The following day I went to the Beachwear & Lingerie Expo at Vanity Universe. I came inworld to an IM from Codie simply saying 'LMLMLMLMLM me!" If you love beautiful lingerie like I do, go ASAP! I really loved Carnal and Insolence. I ran into a bunch of my fellow Plurkers running around buying up stuff like crazy. I "might" post a pic in one if you ask nicely ;-)All I can say is that Hair Fair is coming up soon too. I am going to lose my mind...

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