Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting a Haircut--Wastelands Style

I promised Dia I'd let her give me a trim at her barber shop in the Wastelands' Malady Bog. After all, I've got a lot of hair and in the Wastelands, I dunno...shorter just seems to be more manageable and make more sense there. I can't worry about my hair when I'm just trying to survive, you know? She told me to rinse my hair in the water in the bucket in the corner. "The color's fine," she told me. "It'll be good for your hair." Umm, OK. I shrugged and dipped my head into it. Good thing my metal ears are treated. The chair wobbled a bit on its cinder blocks as I sat down and let her go to work...For a moment there I was given a bowl cut, which wasn't quite what I had in mind...
I was like, "Go even shorter! Go for it!" and she got to hacking at it with her rusted shears even more. "Take a look," she said when she was done. I peered at myself in the cracked mirror and smiled. "Perfect!" I said. Now when you see me wandering or hanging out in the Wastelands, you'll know who to credit for the trim!

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