Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Angel RP: Angel in a Forsaken Place

(in character)

Me and my big mouth...

I fingered my sword as I arrived and its shining blade upon me brought me comfort as I walked past the burned-out buildings lining the dim streets. I squinted, surprised to see sunlight filtering through the pollution-choked clouds. It is so incongruous as this place, Toxian City, is one that is more suited to dark. "Smite them all and let's just be done with it already," I had said flippantly. For that statement, I was ordered by Gen. Michael to help assist in bringing the Light back. A "lesson in humility." Damn. He's one to talk. What in the universes have I been conscripted to do? Where do I even start? I do not even have time to resent my mission, although you may be certain that I do. After seeing so much strife for so long the word "jaded" has become an understatement.

For millennia I have served as a warrior and fought in the wars of both higher beings and those of man. What do I care for humans and their kind--the felines, the vampires, the lycans? They have all moved away from their natural state and their connection with us and their gift. They rejected us, so why should I care? Simply: The Lord of Darkness' armies and realm should not increase and as we have our warriors, so they have theirs. They are my concern, and they recruit well.

I found my way to the church. It is but a building--a testament to man's corruption of the Light, but it seemed the perfect refuge. A kitsune demon stepped through the door. I was wary at first given my past interactions with his kin, but upon hearing my sigh, he asked what was wrong. "This should be a place of hope, " I said, wincing from having been burned by the tainted holy water. "Perhaps it still is, I do not know yet. Perhaps it may be once more." His green eyes brightened as he smiled softly and said, "Even a single candle can create light." From the mouth of a demon. There may be hope yet...I sat on the grimy front steps and thought about the next time we met, it could be at the points of our swords. It is so much easier not to be good...but someone has to believe. Even if that "someone" is me.

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