Sunday, April 13, 2008

Angel RP: "What Madness This?"

In Heaven an angel is nobody in particular.
--George Bernard Shaw

I roamed the streets of the City of Lost Angel's, like Toxian its streets bleak and dark. I only know of one place to start in such places and made my way to the nearby church. As I stood there so uncertain, two others arrived--a woman and a man. The man, after greeting me, said "Seraphim, are you crazy?" and drew his sword. My eyes widened I was so taken aback.

"Crazy?" I retorted with a scowl. "How so?"

"Angels and seraphim are hard to play."

Before I could get my bearings, I was engaged in a full swordfight in the street, the sounds of our blades slashing and clanging ringing in the night. I was not moving well, my feet and body as if moving through sludge. What has happened to me upon my arrival on this plane? I was defeated before I knew it, slumped against a wall.

"I am not mad...Angels are hard to play," he said to me again as he healed me.

I looked at him defiantly as I sheathed my dual blades and said, "I understand that and that is why I am willing to take on that challenge..."

"Good girl," he said, disappearing into the night...

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