Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bloggers on Strike

I'll join my blogging colleagues by letting elinsl go silent for 3 days in protest of the trademark and branding policies. You can read more about the strike here...

I am in agreement with Gwyneth Llewelyn and others that the policies are a bit dodgy in that what we publish in our blogs is subject to all sorts of legalese yaketysmakety in terms of what we say about LiLa and its product. As a noob, I learned so much from visiting related blogs and even now, they are a good source of both entertainment and inworld news. We bloggers helped and continue to help promote the product, but if we can't even use the product's name after all of this time of being encouraged to do so, then what the hell?

But then again, seeing all of the other issues going on inworld, at this rate sometimes I wonder if there will be an inworld to continue blogging about?

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