Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Taloo: Easter Parade, Taloo Style!

Salut chers! We all gathered in the market all fancy in our Easter duds and frilly hats and Rudolfo and Mama Cree led an Easter parade through the streets of Taloo!Of course, we "somehow" ended up stopping through Lafitte's, where after a hat change for everyone it's a wonder how afterwards we were all able to make it down the street to...
The cemetery, where we paid our respects to the departed who couldn't join us...
And afterwards we would our way through to the DuBois Mansion, Rudolfo's inherited home, where Mr Fernshaw, Dia and Miss Vee played. Toot that jug Mis Vee!!!
There was dancing and music and fun and we all had a great time!!

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