Thursday, March 20, 2008

Virtual Montmartre

Right next door to Virtual Harlem is Virtual Montmartre, the Parisian neighborhood where so many artists and creatives called home and a hangout spot. Both sims are the brainchild of Bryan Mnemonic, a professor of English lit specializing in that of 20th c. African American lit. Paris was seen as a place of freedom for many African Americans, weary of the segregation and marginalization they felt here in the U.S. Poet Langston Hughes spent time here in 1924 and Montmartre was where so many Black expatriates called home after WWI. Here I am with Sacre Coeur in the background...Walking up the hill in pumps was a breeze *gasps for air*...
The famous Moulin Rouge...I found this beautiful light-filled room. The sim is still in development, but well worth the visit!

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