Thursday, May 10, 2007

Relaxing with Mr. Otsuzum

One of my favorite Victorian gentlemen friends, Mr. HyBosch Otsuzum, came to call upon me at Vista del Mar tonight. We are both hoping to acquire land in one of the new Caledon sims. He looks rather comfortable doesn't he? For once, he was the one dressed casually as he is usually rather dapper in a fancy waistcoat and frock coat. I had been working on a new dress and it was just too much trouble to change. I do believe that I will change that shoulder piece I am wearing as it is not to my liking. Mr. Otsuzum has given me a fashion creation challenge: jodhpurs, riding boots, and a small-patterned houndstooth suit. Not to be worn all at once, mind you. I have quite a collection of fine English wool fabric at my disposal that I acquired from a RL bespoke tailor. Beautiful patterns and textures. I can not wait to use them. We shall see Mr. Otsuzum...We shall see.

And yes, the grass on my sim disappeared--AGAIN.

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