Monday, May 7, 2007

Caledon Wanderings: Bunny Ears & Flower Fields

Greetings! I decided to stop by the Webb Workshop to check on the progress of the self-sprouting cabbages. As Mr. Webb was not present, I sent him a notice about their current state and then proceeded to take a stroll down the road. I came upon a merry group of Caledonians frolicking in a flower field wearing bunny ears, some partaking of spirits as they did so. When invited to join in the festivities, how could I resist?

Then, who should I see walking towards us, but Mr. Webb himself. I could almost see him shaking his head at the sight of his "assistant" making a spectacle of herself. Then, looking to his left, I saw one of his wonderful "crouching bunnies"--wearing yellow bunny ears. Perhaps it was the inspiration for the party? Mr. Webb was not amused, lol.

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