Saturday, May 12, 2007

Conexion Colombia Peace March

My friend Jomanasa, is proudly from Cali, Colombia. He invited me to join him and the Colombian Connection group for a march for peace in protest to the kidnappings and violence in his country. After all of the late nights I've spent helping him at the gallery, how could I say no? Not to mention that I'm all for using SL as a means to promote social causes and awareness. The group has a section in the France MIDI Pyrenees sim with a large Colonial-style architecture club, a theater, and the arts & culture gallery that J. worked so hard on. The club has a fountain in its center with a memorial to victims of violence. You can leave a rose there if you visit.

There was a very good turnout and everyone was wearing their T-shirts and holding the Colombian flag and cries of "Paz" and "Viva Colombia" rang out as everyone marched around the sim. I've done RL marches and it did have the same kind of feel! You can see a great video by Kamian Ur (he has the big flag in the top photo) of it here. After the march, everyone went to the club, and then to the beachside disco for a celebration with everyone dancing. You know I did! I danced with J., and almost as soon as he stepped away for a second, the organizer and man behind it all, Dallas492, took his place. You know how much I love salsa dancing and I had a really good time! He told me that he wishes to create a town to share Colombia's culture with the rest of SL.

When I finally made it home, I threw on my bikini, hung out with my neighbor Kitty, and took a leisurely paddle around the island in my new canoe.

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