Friday, May 18, 2007

Caledon Wanderings: Kittiwickshire Now Open!

Greetings! The new sim of Caledon Kittiwickshire is now open with its trees and main street filled with lovely shops. It is so in keeping with the Caledonian aesthetic and sense of community-building. I received a notice from Mr. Webb about some mischief he was making in the main pond that he wanted me to see: Tentacles! Yes, tentacles. Ones that move with you. He told me, "Go on and run around in them. You know you want to!" Yes. He knows me well. Ha-ha! I said that all I was missing were the bunnies and I'd be in bliss. I also said that we had not been in town long and were already creating trouble. We couldn't stop laughing. I then received a message from Mr. Otsuzum remarking upon my dress--which meant that he was there as well! As it turns out, he is a new Kittiwick resident and his lot was right behind us. I introduced them both and it was great to me for both of my friends to meet. We all ran around in the pond for a bit. Much fun.

Mr. Otsuzum will be opening a photography gallery and has a lovely plot on Burns at the telehub. While chatting with his neighbor, tiny clothing and goods creator Miss Mulberry, we had a chance to meet many residents, visitors, and citizens of Caledon, including Horg Neurocam, creator of the mines, and Grand Duchess Debevec. We also met the Vicereine of Caledon and Duchess of Lionsgate Kamilah Hauptmann (in the red), and her associate Tasha Loveless who were acting as an official welcoming committee. You could feel the excitement in the air! I can not wait to come back and visit again!

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