Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Gardens at the Moorings

I finally decided to do something about the emptiness that is The Moorings--my parcel of land next to my house, Vista del Mar.

I have always wanted a tea house since my first day in SL, when confused and unsure, I found one and tried a meditation poseball--the first one I ever used. When I needed a break from the craziness, I used to go to a store called Mezzanine Gardens and promised myself that when I was more established in SL, I'd buy a tea house like the one I would sit in for myself. You can see my Nara tea house on the high bluff on the far end of the parcel now. I built a koi pond and stocked it with koi. I visited the Heart garden center and bought a lovely wisteria and cherry blossom tree, as well as some bamboo trees for some more privacy, although as far as I'm concerned, my neighbors are free to use it if they like.

I hope to add waterfalls and a mini-vineyard soon...

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