Sunday, September 27, 2015

Elder Elle in Eyr

I thought Eyr was really lovely and I like RPing. I'm a writer in RL and new to para RPing and could still use the practice at it! I had an elderly elf character I had created months ago and never used. I tweaked her costuming and hair and voila! Jungle elf elder Elle! I've decided to name her "Nasirah," which means "support" or "helper." I've got a whole back story worked out and everything.

I'm looking forward to participating in Eyr. As I said before, I had visited when the sims were the Realm of Mystara. They closed in March (the RP was that they were reclaimed by the mysts), but one sim was saved and the community kept intact with the creation of Eyr (look for the Mysts of Eyr when it comes up in search). Coming from what I just experienced with Steelhead, I appreciate that. Although the sim owner is a former Mystaran community leader, it still has the input of the original creator, which I think helps with continuity.

The story here is that the Mystarans, fleeing their land's reclamation, have made their way to this jungle island to eke out a new existence. Only thing is that the island was not empty and its indigenous inhabitants (the Moei Aising) aren't too thrilled about it. Everything is still new, so the stories are still being created and explored. Exciting!

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