Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Another Night in Steelhead

I logged in tonight and got a tp right away to main Steelhead. Why? The chipper was out. This notorious piece of machinery is brought out from time to time. Your AV touches it, you get pulled through, you can guess the rest. Why is everyone on the ground though? Oh, whiskey. Yes. The whiskey did it. That's the mayor of Babbage in the center there, looking on and probably thinking "What the hell?!"They tried to get me to touch it ("Touch the magic box little squirrel!), but it doesn't work on tinies. Krystine brought out the riding ostriches, and then Remington produced a pole and made 3L dancing. I was told I was overcharged. At some point, Mrs Peterman flew off with a seagull. We were all laughing so hard it hurt. Only in Steelhead.

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