Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SL Simple Pleasures: Friends & Living in the Present

Now that I have said what I felt and stepped down from off of my soapbox, I want to talk about another SL simple pleasure and that is one's friends...

My friend Offie Mulberry is the owner and designer of Forever Tiny (I'm wearing one of her dresses) and was the first tiny I ever met. She was there when I chose my first tiny AV and was always great fun to talk to. She hadn't been inworld for a long long time, so I was really excited to happy to see her and reminisce and give her a hug. Offie had been away and it touched her and made her feel good that she hadn't been forgotten. Yes, all of this hoopla over the void policy sucks...but it makes me think once again of what are the simple pleasures we enjoy while in here? Our lives inworld can be truly ephemeral ones. Favorite places disappear. Favorite persons can as well. Our virtual world itself could possibly disappear on a whim if its creators so choose.

Live your second life from moment to moment and treat it as the present experience that it is. That's how I've been spending mine lately. How will you live yours?

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