Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Builder's Woes

To think that all building and our accompanying frustrations regarding it start with this...Call it "Builder's Woe", but I found a past conversation with Lunar that I couldn't stop laughing about. I'm sure any builder of structures and other large builds can relate...

Elle: Have you made progress on your work?
Lunar: aye, put in a moat and everything
Elle: A moat?
TotalLunar Eclipse sighs
Elle: It has a moat?
Eladrienne Laval raises an eyebrow
Lunar: a moat
Elle: But...but...
Lunar: a moat elle
Elle: But...
Lunar: MOAT
Elle: oh my... A moat...
Lunar: mmooooaaat
Elle: I am afraid to ask this...Why?
Lunar: the water has to go somewhere
Eladrienne Laval laughs hard
Lunar: the moat is my fault hands down
Elle: Oh no...what did you say?
Lunar: ahem
Lunar: 'where is the water going to go?'

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TotalLunar Eclipse said...

It was a mighty fine looking moat if I do say so myself.