Friday, October 31, 2008

Checking Out Openlife!

I wouldn't call it an exodus as much as exploring alternative options, but I did find it very interesting that one of the brand-new noobs next to me--the cloud on the right--was Gregg Barrymore, one of the managers of Antiquity who was quite affected by LL's OS announcement...I stopped through the Wind Blue sim there and picked up some freebies nicely put out by Misstress Suspiria (thanks!) and of course, found my way to a sandbox. Although tempted to start building right then and there, I thought I should look a bit more like myself...Openlife is still rough, and reminds me of the old days. Economy's still in development, crashing still happens out of the blue, but you know what? Sims are cheap, it pretty much works the same and thing is, with the influx of creators (like me) and others with the know-how, this has great possibilities! Especially if its creators listen and allow it to be improved. Call me optimistic, but this is going to be interesting to see...

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