Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Off the Market

One year can make a huge difference, including in one's life inworld. Phin and I have been together for one year as of today, and surprised each other by showing up in what we wore during one of our earliest outings (a dance, I was in costume). It was only natural that he asked me to partner him......and I said "Yes." I scrambled to whip up a dress for the day...
I really thought about this and a lot of things regarding my life inworld. SL should be a place of peace and happiness while here and he helps to make it so for me in that grey clouds gone kind of way. He is a great guy and likes everything about me, even my "ferretty" ways--which is good, as he's the squirrel of my SL. Thank you Phin for making this such a wonderfully happy day! Here's to many, many more...
p.s.: Dia--there are your pics!
p.p.s: Zoe, aka "SL sis-in-law"...Yes, I know, "It's about time!"

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