Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raglan Medieval Festival: Jousting Glory!

Today was the highlight event of the Raglan Shire Medieval Festival: the tiny jousting tournament...The prizes at stake? 1000L, a trophy, a golden-armored horse from Lilliput and fame and glory!
I filled in one of the 32 slots and donned my armor. My demon horse was chomping at the bit. Fox came at me on his unicorn and I knocked him. Then, a draw. Then I was knocked off twice! Nuuuu! My dreams of jousting glory were dashed...
Even King Awor took off his finery in the face of such lag. Hie squire, 1wuz, seemed to come pre-bandaged...
It came down to hatchling Eren Padar and elephant Summer Seale, with Eren taking it all. To Raglan!

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