Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The 2nd Question

Although folks have told me I have a "pretty" voice, I am not a fan of using voice in SL. Why? Well, because for the most part I don't want to. That's why. So, when I was asked to be on slcn.tv's "The 2nd Question" quiz/talk show I was a bit nervous...okay, very nervous. Outside of Kheph and Phin, I haven't talked in SL for any extended amount of time. Given that it was an Industrial Revolution theme, I was hoping that my knowing all sorts of "useless" trivia came in handy. I was slower to the buzzer than I would have liked , but I didn't do too badly. It was kind of fun, although I wasn't a fan of some of the questions I was asked, but that's just me as nerves + "what the???"-type questions = an even more nervous me. You can watch it on their site HERE when it is posted...

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