Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adventures with Prim Feet aka Die Prim Feet DIE

I have a weakness for beautiful shoes and these were no exception, except for the fact that when I tried them on, they were shoes with prim feet. Now, I have avoided prim feet and shoes with them like the plague, but I was like "Oh well, they're nice shoes, I'll go for it." Don't mind my pose stand (which sinks my toes into it), I just wanted to fit them well and this is the basic skin color for them... I checked the options and there was not a way for me to easily do the color match way of tinting one's feet that I prefer, so I had to toggle dark, light and RGB +/- buttons. To get anything close to my skin color took the following clicks: 24 dark, 8 red+, and 1 blue + and even then it wasn't quite right as my skin has this lovely luminous realistic look that contrasted with the flat look of the feet...
And I'm not even going to talk about the fact that the shoes were no mod with no EZ sizing or way to adjust those cool black bands. Arrrrrrgh...I had to toss them back into my inventory as they're unusable to me. Well, I really did try. Damn! OK, my fashion moment is over, back to exploring and such.

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