Friday, December 19, 2008

Dark Elf in Realm of Terabithia

I decided to check out a space in the Realm of Terabithia's market for my dark elf/drow and fantasy pieces, which I'll also be sharing with Lunar, who makes nice cloaks. As it turned out, the sim owner is a drowess as well and the Ilharess of her house, Agaden...
She took me on a guided tour of the sims (4 total), which are still a work in progress, and showed me areas such as the humans' keep, a sprawling build perfect for riders...Here I am in the tree grove in the lands of the elf clan there. The drow are currently at war with them, but then again when aren't we at war with someone?I crossed the bridge which leads to the orc area and the drow underdark... I truly felt like I was making quite the journey as we wound through the landscape, but when I stepped through to the underdark there, she said "Welcome home." This picture doesn't do it justice. It is a fantastic place, multileveled and complex and one of the best underdarks I've seen so far. It is also the location of one of the three main temples of Lloth. I know Lunar would love to see this area, but being a moon elf, he'd probably end up on a rack in the torture rooms there or something. Trust me, that happened to an elf during my visit...If you would like to see other places to enjoy being a dark elf/drow you can refer to my list HERE.

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